Tiny House Builders

Tiny houses are great for those who want to simplify their lives. They allow people to spend more time doing things they enjoy and save money on utilities and mortgage payments.

Some people choose to build their own tiny house, but this isn’t a project for the faint of heart. It’s essential to research zoning laws and other legal procedures before starting construction.

1. Tiny Mountain Houses

If you’re looking for a tiny house builder that emphasizes the outdoors, check out Rocky Mountain. Their designs include cabins, bungalows, and cottages that look right at home surrounded by the wilderness. They also offer a fully custom DIY kit for those who prefer to build their homes themselves. The kit includes a trailer, insulation, framing, and construction documents.

If you love cooking and entertaining, you might have a difficult time adjusting to the proportionally small refrigerator and ovens found in most tiny houses. This might be a deal-breaker for you if you want to live the tiny house lifestyle full-time.

With the ability to travel easily and lower energy consumption, the Tiny House movement has gained popularity amongst people seeking a simpler lifestyle. This conscious living provides many benefits to individuals and communities at large, including financial freedom and environmental sustainability.

2. AVAVA Systems

Unlike other prefab companies, San Francisco-based AVAVA Systems ships a home’s components in flat-packed boxes, which cuts construction time by weeks. The startup’s most recent Britespace design, a 264-square-foot micro dwelling called Model 264, was shipped in 64 boxes and assembled on site in just six weeks (+ slideshow).

Each AVAVA micro-dwelling is designed to accommodate add-ons like an electric water heater and rooftop solar panels, as well as a battery pack to store energy (which require a separate installation fee). The company also manages site planning and permitting, building a low-impact pier foundation, and connecting utilities—including electricity for running appliances and a roof-mounted solar system.

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3. New Frontier Tiny Homes

New Frontier Design has a passion for building beautiful tiny homes and making them accessible to people who might otherwise not be able to afford them. They use high quality materials and have high craftsmanship standards to execute their original designs.

They have a few models to choose from, including the Escher which has large windows on all sides of the house and an open garage door that allows the interior to blend with the exterior. It has a huge kitchen and even a king size bed.

Unlike some other tiny home builders who sell plans, New Frontier designs their own models and is completely transparent about the cost and construction process on their website. They also offer financing guidance for buyers who may need it.

4. Tiny Houses on Wheels

THOWs are a great option for anyone who wants the financial freedom, location flexibility and less clutter of a small home. They’re often cheaper to purchase than a traditional house, and you’ll save on expenses like utilities, rent or mortgage payments and insurance.

Designed for the discerning homeowner, this tiny house on wheels is a masterclass in efficiency. Built on a trailer, it features sleeping areas in the loft and on the main floor along with a fully functional kitchen and living room.

Its wavy roofline adds whimsical aesthetics to this 132-square-foot home by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. This upgraded version of a previous tiny home features a spacious loft with an additional 4 feet of headroom and can sleep up to 3-5 people comfortably. The elongated design makes it harder to tow than some other models, however, making it best suited for people who plan to keep it stationary.

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