The Benefits of a House Wash in Wellington

Mould, mildew and other contaminants on a house’s exterior can detract from its beauty and may pose health risks. A professional house wash removes these organisms and can help protect the integrity of the structure.

Wellington’s classic villas require expert care to ensure their weatherboards, sash windows and wooden joinery are preserved. Soft washing is the best way to clean Victorian style houses while avoiding damage to these delicate surfaces.

Pressure Washing

A house wash is the process of removing mould, mildew, dirt, grime and sometimes rust and soot from exterior surfaces using low to moderate water pressure and specialised cleaning chemicals. It’s important to get this done correctly as too much pressure can damage surfaces and harsh chemicals can harm surrounding plants. A professional can evaluate the proper psi, water rotation and cleaning products for each surface.

Benefits of house washing include improved curb appeal and increased home value. It also protects against the onset of mould and mildew and helps preserve paintwork, cladding and timber structures. It can also save money by reducing the need for costly repairs.

Wellington Property Wash offers a range of building and house washing services, including gutter cleaning and roof treatments. Their team uses a soft wash with eco-friendly biocide to kill and remove moss, algae and lichen. They’re also experienced in maintaining cedar homes and can help restore deteriorating wood.

Soft Washing

At a lower pressure, soft washing removes stains and grime without damaging surfaces. It’s gentle on cladding and paint, but can still cut through black mould and grime. It also works well on sash windows and wooden joinery. Soft washing is a great way to prepare surfaces for repair work after harsh winter weather, as it easily dislodges any debris stuck in crevices and cracks.

Regular house washing keeps your home looking its best and prolongs the lifespan of cladding, paint, windows and doors. It also protects against the onset of mould and mildew, which can cause damage to your home’s structure and harm the health of its occupants.

The experienced team at Wash Rite are experts in soft washing, using a job-specific cleaning mix to ensure the safe and thorough clean of your property’s exterior. They are also mindful of the environment, aligning their techniques and equipment with New Zealand’s environmental ethos.

Window Cleaning

Windows are a focal point of any room. They offer beautiful views and natural light but need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain their appearance. Smudges, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and dust can quickly break down windows if not cleaned properly and often. This can result in having to replace your windows much sooner than expected.

We have the right tools and products to clean your windows and leave them sparkling clean. Our team is experienced and professional, offering the best cleaning services to all our clients.

You don’t have to wait days or weeks for a quote! Book a service online by clicking the red ‘INSTANT ONLINE QUOTE’ button, answer a few questions and you will be presented with pricing instantly!

Gutter Cleaning

A quality house wash service will always prioritise your satisfaction, offering convenient booking options and timely cleaning. They will also use low pressure to ensure your property’s exterior surfaces aren’t damaged during the washing process. This will protect your property from mould, mildew, and other unforeseen issues.

A good Wellington house wash service will know how much pressure to apply to different surface types. Too much can damage the surface, and too little will have no effect.

For example, a classic Victorian style villa with its timeless weatherboards, sash windows, and wooden joinery needs to be cleaned carefully. At Pinnacle, we have the experience to clean these houses, utilising soft wash techniques that avoid any damage to these fragile structures. We are experts in washing these beautiful old homes, and can even do the tricky gutters. They are the unsung heroes that help to drain water from your house, but can become clogged with leaves and debris.

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