New Zealand Influencers


As a New Zealand native, you may be interested in discovering the role of Instagrammers in your country’s digital landscape. From Annalee Muggeridge to Hannah Bates, from Harry Sharpe to Gennady Sharpe, here are some influencers to watch. Listed below are some tips and tricks from these influencers. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to get started on your Instagram journey.
Annalee Muggeridge

If you haven’t heard of Annalee Muggeridge, the self taught makeup artist with almost nine thousand followers on YouTube, you should know her story. She is a member of the beauty community and has a large following, with over 30,000 likes on Facebook and 28,000 followers on Instagram. Muggeridge began vlogging about beauty a little over two years ago, and has already gained a large following.

In addition to being a social media influencer, the Duke of Sussex also has his hands in business, as he has founded a non-profit organization that supports sustainable travel. Over the weekend, the Duke of Sussex announced the launch of the campaign, “Harry Styles: The Future of Sustainability”. The announcement aired on a New Zealand TV station. Prince Harry was seen talking in Maori during the announcement, using the phrase “new kaupapa” or “public good work.”

The influence of these Kiwis has increased, resulting in an increase in advertising dollars for the largest brands. This growth has led to an increase in the number of influencers, with some influencers working with as many as 30 brands each month. The problem with this is that the influencers themselves are becoming too saturated and influenced. Some are working with so many brands that they end up promoting the wrong brands and losing their authenticity.

Kendra Alexandra,  well-known New Zealand influencer, curates a website aimed at promoting beauty products and travel advice. Her audience numbers almost 250,000. She has also established herself as an influential voice for fashion and lifestyle in New Zealand. Other popular Kiwi bloggers include Harry Barrett, a former model who gained fame on Instagram, and Polly Barrett, a former radio host who now hosts a radio show on KISS FM. Hannah Barrett, wife of All Blacks star Bauden Barrett, blogs about motherhood. Her website is one of NZ’s most popular fashion websites.

Hannah’s content focuses on what she loves, and makes genuine connections with her audience. She shares her latest obsessions, from beauty products to the latest movies, as well as recipes and thoughts on current events. Her followers are also drawn to her passion for health, fitness, and fashion. The New Zealand influencer community is growing rapidly, and Hannah is a top brand ambassador. Here’s how to tap into the power of social media and make your brand stand out among the rest.
Gennady Sharpe

After a stint as a contestant on the reality TV show Heartbreak Island, Gennady Sharpe has taken her 18,000-follower following online and turned it into a platform for body positivity and social media marketing. Sharpe grew her following after she was criticised for her shape on television, which led her to develop an online presence. Now, she uses her social media following to promote activewear and clothing brands.
Shannon Harris

Known as ‘Shannon Harris’, the New Zealand digital star is well-known for her tasteful beauty vlogs and YouTube channel, Shaaanxo. She first became popular on the platform after watching the Australian and US YouTube stars. Having a huge social media following, Harris has become one of the country’s leading influencers. Her videos are popular in the country, garnering over 375 million views.

The shy girl who lived in South Korea as a child was determined to break the ‘nobody knows me’ stigma. She eventually decided to immigrate to New Zealand with her mother, where she met her future husband. She was only thirteen when she started to wear make-up, and she was able to do so after the eighth grade. In high school, she viewed tutorials on YouTube and received many compliments for her new look. After graduating from high school, she attended Palmerston North’s Freyberg College and the Universal College of Learning. She finished her education in her hometown.

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