New Build Homes Wellington

A new build home is the best way to experience everything Wellington has to offer. The region is seeing significant building activity with several major projects underway or close to consent stage.

One of these is 212 Willis, a stunning development of one, two and three bedroom apartments in the heart of Wellington city.

2. Flexibility

FOUR KAPITI is the perfect opportunity to live a unique Kapiti lifestyle in a brand new home. The development is a collection of 78 townhouses ranging from two bedroom, two story apartments to stand alone 3 and 4 bedrooms homes.

This modern executive elegance in the heart of Wellington offers a rare first home buying opportunity in an impressive location. The building features a number of flexible layouts, with some enjoying an outlook over the city and Wellington habour.

Flexible housing can provide a range of benefits to residents, including improved wellbeing and increased sustainability. This is achieved by providing residents with the ability to adapt their living spaces according to their changing needs. These flexible features include transformable structural features such as moving partition walls, and multi-purpose furniture.

3. Energy efficiency

In a world where climate change is real and the need to reduce our carbon footprint is increasingly important, you’ll be glad to know that new homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. With features like double glazing and insulation, these homes will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

New Build Homes Wellington

A modern, insulated apartment in the heart of the city with afternoon sun, easy access to public transport, bike trails and Johnsonville school. With its thoughtfully designed split floorplan this new build is sure to impress.

4. Ease of maintenance

New build homes Wellington offer the peace of mind that comes with a brand-spanking-new property. They’re less likely to require repairs, and you can be sure everything is in pristine condition. This can be especially appealing for buyers who have been looking at older properties that need extensive renovations.

Many custom home builders act as developers, which means their job begins long before the first nail is hammered. They perform local market research to make sure the potential home site is viable, survey the land and obtain all necessary permits. These companies also provide design services and house and land packages. They can help you create the dream home of your dreams. Their professional team will help you choose the right options to suit your lifestyle and budget.

5. Value for money

New build homes offer a range of benefits, including improved insulation and energy-saving appliances. They also often feature higher safety standards, including more fire-resistant materials.

However, some experts warn that these benefits do not necessarily translate into greater financial returns. For example, a developer has recently walked away from a new build project in Wellington because compliance costs were too high.

Investors are traditionally reluctant to buy new builds, but new incentives are helping to change this. For instance, the government’s decision to exempt new build apartments from mortgage interest deduction rules is encouraging investors to look at new build apartments.

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