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Make a Donation

It is likely that several Aotearoa New Zealand based NGOs will respond to a major disaster overseas. They will appeal for funds to assist those in need. Donating to an appeal is the most appropriate way you can help people affected by disasters. Appeals are often run on TV and radio and in national newspapers. Check the websites of NGOs to find out how you can make a donation.

You can also assist organisations running appeals by:

  • Volunteering to staff appeal phone lines or providing public information. Register with the organisation in advance of a disaster occurring.

  • Organising local fundraising events through your community organisations, schools or workplace and donate the proceeds to an appeal

Become a regular donor

This helps NGOs and other humanitarian organisations to build up their funds, allowing them to respond to emergencies immediately. It may also be used by an NGO to help reduce communities’ vulnerability to disasters through helping them to prepare for future disaster situations and addressing issues of poverty.

The media attention that disaster events can attract often results in serious under-funding of many equally critical ‘silent emergencies’. Consider making a simultaneous donation to a separate appeal outside of the media spotlight or make a regular donation to a humanitarian agency.

And remember, on behalf of all New Zealanders, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to disasters and emergencies overseas, as well as its long-term work to fight global poverty.

Make a one-off donation

To one the NDRF members responding to a disaster or crisis. Visit the current and protracted emergencies pages for more information on which agencies are responding.