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Webinar - Resilient Cities: Bridging the humanitarian/development divide

12 February 3:00am - 5:00am

As part of the ‘Urban Thinkers Campus’ series, World Vision and IRC are co-organising a webinar – “Resilient Cities: Bridging the humanitarian/development divide”. This webinar is hosted by Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action, as part of their ongoing webinar series on urban crises. It will focus on the role resilience building plays in responding to urban crises for the long-term and how humanitarian and development sectors may improve their strategies to achieving long term resilience. It will explore resilient cities under three themes: 

1.        Building Resilience During Crisis – What resilience-building strategies can humanitarian and local response actors employ while addressing the immediate needs of urban crises? What opportunities for resilience-building do crises present and how may we leverage those opportunities more effectively?

2.        Sustainable Resilience – What does sustainable resilience look like, and how can humanitarian, development, and local actors work to achieve it? How can humanitarian principles, traditionally applied during an emergency response, inform both disaster preparedness and post-disaster recovery strategies that are traditionally the purview of development actors?

3.        Localised Resilience – How do resilience strategies and solutions change from city to city, and how can international actors better collaborate and support local stakeholders to achieve resiliency strategies tailored to the specific risks, vulnerabilities, and development needs of local communities, especially the most marginalized?